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Bruce Mellado, PhD

COVID Advisory Board

Prof. Mellado is internationally known for his seminal contributions in the implementation of AI in public health management. For the past 25 years he has worked at international laboratories in Europe and the US, including 20 years at the European laboratory CERN. At CERN, he was appointed to several leadership and managerial roles. This includes managing international projects at the interface of physics, engineering, data science, and AI. He currently advises Emory University School of Medicine on AI strategy and is the Co-President of Africa-Canada Artificial Intelligence and Public Health Data Modelling partnership between the University of the Witwatersrand and York University. Prof. Mellado is also a member of the Gauteng Premier’s COVID-19 Advisory Committee, where he leads work on AI predictions for the Provincial Government. This includes the development of AI-powered early detection algorithms to detect waves. This work is being adapted commercially at Healthmetryx to encompass large amounts of heterogeneous data for the early detection of pandemics at a wider scale. Prof Mellado obtained his PhD in Physics from Columbia University.


Bruce Mellado, PhD
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